Collection Policy / Terms of Use

The TU Wien document server – reposiTUm – is managed by the Library on behalf of the TU Wien. ReposiTUm is an institutional repository where digital copies of scholarly publications are stored and made available online worldwide for use in accordance with applicable copyright law.

All academic staff at TU Wien may store copies of their own scholarly work on this document server. Types of publications include:

  • Theses (doctoral theses, masters theses)
  • Journal articles
  • Book chapters
  • Conference papers
  • Conference lectures / poster presentations
  • Books
  • Scientific reports (working papers, reports)

The rights holder grants to the operator of the repository, the TU Wien, a non-exclusive licence to store an electronic version of his/her work and make it available for public access. For purposes of archiving and text mining, the repository operator is permitted to make copies of the work and make technical changes to the work if required. Furthermore the repository operator has the right to pass on metadata or full texts of the work to third parties, in particular for purposes of long-term archiving.

The rights holder warrants that the documents, materials and abstracts to be deposited in the repository neither wholly nor in part (e.g. images) infringe the rights of any third party (such as co-authors, publishers, or sponsors). If doubts exist or if assumed or actual legal barriers should arise, the rights holder undertakes to notify the repository operator immediately. The rights holder shall indemnify the repository operator against all claims by third parties.