Welcome to the Classified Catalogue from 1815 to 1945/65

A classified catalogue lists all items in correspondence with the library's classification system. This might be partly identical with the arrangement of the books on the shelves. Since a publication can cover several subjects (but can only be placed on one bookshelf) the classified catalogue is the only complete listing on a specific topic.

The classified catalogue of the library of TU Wien was published in 14 volumes during the years 1901 to 1907, subsequently a series of printed supplements was produced. All items acquired between 1815 and 1965 are recorded. Since the subject heading catalogue was not introduced until 1930, the classified catalogue is the only option to search thematically for books acquired prior to 1930. Roughly 170.000 entries are indexed in the classified catalogue.

Divided into 21 main subject areas and several subdivisions the classified catalogue underwent a lot of changes in the supplements in terms of structure to keep up with progress in technical sciences.

Search in our online catalogue Catalogplus first if you want to order a publication you found in the classified catalogue. Many items have already been catalogued. If not you can order at the information desk on the Main Library's first floor.

Additional help might be provided by the list of the classification scheme and the subject index - both for the main works until 1907.

This digital copy of the classified catalogue in reposiTUm complements the existing search engine on our web page.