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Evaluation process to identify potential opportunities for investments / Marc Stein
AuthorStein, Marc
CensorFranke, Nikolaus
DescriptionIX, 85 Bl. : Ill., graph. Darst.
Institutional NoteWien, Wirtschaftsuniv. u. Techn. Univ., Professional MBA Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Master Thesis, 2011
Document typeMaster Thesis
URNurn:nbn:at:at-ubtuw:1-102572 Persistent Identifier (URN)
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Evaluation process to identify potential opportunities for investments [1.06 mb]
Abstract (English)

This thesis deals with the topic of how opportunities can be evaluated with regard to a potential financial investment. Main focus is laid on the development of an evaluation concept, which can be handled easily and with optimized resources, but at the same time delivers significant results with regard to the potential of an opportunity. Core element is an evaluation matrix that consists of predefined questions, which are differently weighted and by which the opportunity is evaluated within different categories. These questions are answered by diverse internal and external sources, whereas the external sources act as a feedback mechanism to constantly optimize the evaluation as well as to adapt it to the current needs of the market. Main characteristic of the concept is a comparable and adaptable process, which provides a significant indicator supporting the subsequent investment decisions.

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