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Synthesis of 20ßOH-NorMD, a long-term urinary metandienone metabolite / by Nicolas Kratena
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Synthese von 20ßOH-NorMD, ein mit dem Harn ausgeschiedener Langzeitmetabolit von Metandienone
AuthorKratena, Nicolas
CensorGärtner, Peter ; Enev, Valentin
PublishedWien, 2015
Description45,[18] Blätter : Illustrationen
Institutional NoteTechnische Universität Wien, Magisterarbeit, 2015
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Document typeMaster Thesis
Keywords (DE)Doping / Analyse / Synthese / Steroid
Keywords (EN)Doping / Analysis / Synthesis / Steroid
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Synthesis of 20ßOH-NorMD, a long-term urinary metandienone metabolite [4.95 mb]
Abstract (English)

The goal of this thesis was a good-yielding chemical synthesis of a metandienone metabolite which is of interest in doping analysis. Compound 20ßOH-NorMD (IUPAC: 17ß-hydroxymethyl-17--methyl-18-norandrosta-1,4,13-triene-3-one) has been identified as a long-term urinary metabolite which can be detected and attributed to metandienone up to almost 3 weeks after exposure. The chemical synthesis of another isomer: 20-OH-NorMD has been described before by Parr et al.; Zöllner et al. reported a chemoenzymatic way to 20ßOH-NorMD but no chemical synthesis was yet published.