Project management in multi companies and products group / von Igor Šuba
Verfasser / Verfasserin Šuba, Igor
Begutachter / BegutachterinGregor, Milan
Umfang65 Bl. : Ill., graph. Darst.
HochschulschriftWien, Techn. Univ. u. Bratislava, Techn. Univ., Master Thesis, 2014
Schlagwörter (EN)Project management / Automotive / Report / SW tools / SW Integration
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Project management in multi companies and products group [2.82 mb]
Zusammenfassung (Englisch)

Project management is almost a scientific discipline today. It is one of the fields where the practice hounds the theory. Pulse of industry of European automobile producers and sellers is so fast and dynamic as a result of the change of global conditions that the times when the theory described the processes and methodologies were set and then applied are gone a long time ago. Today this synchronically ticking organism dictates the trends in the sphere of development of supporting tools for the management of all the processes which participate on it. According to the theory of management the challenge for managers of the 21st century is to get over the failure. At the present the survival of automotive suppliers is conditioned by the ability to create a successful result from a lot of successes and failures in the individual sections of separate projects and by the means of proper project management to transform acquired nomination into successful supplies in the course of whole duration of the production. The thesis deals with the description of one of the ways how a tool for the support of project management and administration processes can be created in order to enable the owner of the process the so-called project manager to be successful.

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