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Fairy Tale Express : business plan for a children's attraction inside the Graz Schlossberg / Holly Alexa Hasted
AuthorHasted, Holly Alexa
CensorWarren, Anthony
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Institutional NoteWien, Techn. Univ., u. Wirtschaftsuniv., Professional MBA in Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Master Thesis, 2012
Document typeMaster Thesis
Keywords (GND)Schlossberg Graz / Liliputbahn / Themenpark / Geschäftsplan
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Fairy Tale Express [4.79 mb]
Abstract (English)

Fairy Tale Express is a train ride for children ages two to ten years old and their families located inside the Graz Schlossberg. During the twenty-six minute ride visitors will feel that they are playing the protagonist inside their 'own' fairy tale adventure. Several stops along the way will contain interactive elements. Revenue streams consist of ticket, merchandise, and food & beverage sales and may grow to include further products and services in later years such as special events and online retail. The main customer segments include local families, school groups and most importantly, leisure travellers with children. We expect to sustain around 90,000 visitors annually with growth proportional to increases in domestic and international tourism. The total project investment is EUR432,000 and will be publicly funded, as Fairy Tale Express is believed to serve broader social aims such as to increase leisure opportunities for the community and to enhance Graz's image as a family tourist destination. The pre-tax profit margin in year one will be 7%, approximately EUR32,000 EBT. By year three it will grow to 17%, approximately EUR98,000 EBT. A healthy cash flow will ensure sustainable reinvestment. Overall, Fairy Tale Express will distinguish itself from competitors by maximising its key assets to create an outstanding visitor experience that exploits the themes 'magical train ride' and 'personal fairy tale'. The total product package - from the ride itself to the cast members who serve guests - will exemplify the 'experience economy', building a relationship with guests and prompting them to come back year after year and from one generation to the next. Fairy Tale Express is expected to open at the beginning of 2013.