Green supply chain management in the Thai automobile industry : focusing on auto part manufacturing / von Rit Sukpituksakul
VerfasserSukpituksakul, Rit
Begutachter / BegutachterinKopacek, Peter
Umfangvi, 121 Bl. : graph. Darst.
HochschulschriftWien, Techn. Univ., Master Thesis, 2010
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Green supply chain management in the Thai automobile industry [1.07 mb]
Zusammenfassung (Englisch)

It has been increasing in consciousness of the environment in the last decades. The green principle had been integrated into the concept of supply chain management. The concept of green supply chain management (GSCM) were expanded and applied in various industries including automotive industry. Thailand's automotive industry, one of major production and export base in Asia, has played important role in the country economy. Like in other countries, Thai automotive supply chain was complicated. The main purpose of this research was aimed at measuring auto part manufacturers' performance in their green supply chain by using the performance measures developed by Olugu et al 2010. The two in one chain which comprised forward and backward chains were also adopted as a framework. The study reviewed various literatures on supply chain and green supply chain management. The survey to collect data was conducted by questionnaire and interview. In the questionnaire, 16 measures with 46 metrics were used. The questionnaires were sent to staff in Thai auto part manufacturers who involved in the chain. It was found out that in the forward chain, they implemented green activities in a certain level while weak in the reverse (backward) chain. The reason was the concept of green supply chain management was not widely used among them. Original equipment manufacturers, who supplied their product to car assemblers, tended to employ the concept more than replacement equipment manufacturers (REM) since OEM's customers are more demanding. In addition, the recycling system was not well integrated in the system. The study was wrapped up with some recommendation for future research.