The freelancer marketplace for service engineers : find service engineers to tackle any job, any size, any time / Severin Diepold
VerfasserDiepold, Severin
Begutachter / BegutachterinHisrich, Robert
ErschienenWien, 2016
UmfangV, 64 Seiten : Illustrationen, Diagramme
HochschulschriftTechnische Universität Wien, Master Thesis, 2016
HochschulschriftWirtschaftsuniversität Wien, Masterarbeit, 2016
Schlagwörter (EN)freelancer marketplace for service engineers / changing labor market / business plan / business opportunity
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The freelancer marketplace for service engineers [4.53 mb]
Zusammenfassung (Englisch)

This thesis is broken down into four main chapters following the introduction. The first chapter outlines how the labor market is changing and how it might look like in five years. This is done by highlighting topics such as current trends that are shaping how we work, the growing freelancer economy and online talent platforms. The second chapter explores which types of business opportunity have already led to successful ventures, and how field service engineers in the mechanical engineering industry can capitalize on labor market changes. How could this group evolve over the coming years, following on the trends described in chapter one? Based on this opportunity, a business plan is introduced in chapter three. To this end, the business plan is divided into: executive summary, description of the business, technology plan, description of the industry, marketing plan, financial plan, required resources, organizational plan, operational plan and summary. In the final, the fourth chapter the results of the previous chapters are summarized.